About Us

Trevor & Mike Bixler

Team Tiltrotor is a two-man aeronautical engineering team. Together we have 20 years of experience working in developmental flight test. Our first collaborative project began in 2012 with an APM 2.5 Arduino based flight controller. Simply flying a stock Bixler autonomously was an addictive experience that led to several custom aircraft designs, and custom software development in parallel. Eventually we acquired the necessary skills and motivation to leap to an ambitious project. The holy grail of aviation is the ability to combine fast efficient flight with the ability to hover and land over a spot without the use of a runway. Our first tiltrotor design creatively named “Tiltrotor 1” was born.

Development of a custom Tiltrotor airframe and custom flight control software in parallel was incredibly challenging. Endless compromises are both planned and discovered during the design process. In a short amount of time we have successfully achieved an amazing blend of fixed wing and multi-copter capabilities into our own custom tiltrotor software. We are some of the few people in the world with our own completely autonomous tiltrotor. Our addiction and drive has only increased over the years. Team Tiltrotor has many great discoveries to make and capabilities left to accomplish.





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